Euroclass Automotive Repairs.

Euroclass Automotive Repairs Pty Ltd (herein Euroclass) is an established automotive service centre based in Richmond.

The organisation, servicing the eastern suburban area in Melbourne, has grown to become a trusted and sought after name in automotive service and repair industry, specialising in prestige European and Japanese Marques.

Euroclass is constantly expanding its business operation and seeking opportunities to build its reputation by offering innovative and practical business solutions to the trade aside from operating its core business.

A team of highly skilled professionals, competent in comprehensive auto repair and maintenance, are based at the organisations service centre in Richmond. The company has a dedicated team who have worked with the company for over 10 years.

  • Specialist auto-electrical repair.
  • Comprehensive motor vehicle repair.
  • On-site dealership diagnostic service.
  • Performance enhancement product development.

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Euroclass is one of Melbourne's leading providers of prestige automotive care, repairs and servicing.